#RapidAppraisal | A three-day appraisal of a completed infrastructure subproject was conducted by the Regional Project Coordination Office 12– Rapid Appraisal of Emerging Benefits (RPCO-RAEB) team on February 5-7 in Alabel and Maasim, Sarangani.

The team first conducted Key Informant Interview (KII) to Provincial Project Management and Implementing Unit (PPMIU) of Sarangani Province. The goal is to understand the prevailing plan, operation & maintenance strategy and budgeting as well as policy issuances, which is crucial for the sustainability of the subproject.

Meanwhile, a focus group discussion with the barangay officials of Kanalo in the municipality of Maasim was conducted, Kanalo is one of the barangays who benefited from the said subproject.

The activity is in relation to the completed infrastructure subproject Concreting of Kanalo-Nomoh Farm-to-Market Road.





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